Bio-Hazard Clean Up

Bio-hazard Clean-Ups can be a Delicate Matter

Restoring properties where a bio-hazard clean up is required takes a special group of detailed cleaners. A company that's certified and experienced in providing effective clinical cleanup methods while being compassionate and mindful of the delicate needs of our clients.

Our experienced and specially trained staff has schooled to properly remediate the damage to your home or business thoroughly, without cross-contamination, while adhering to EPA and OSHA standards.  Our specialists have been trained, properly immunized and are equipped with protective gear to manage and eliminate the bio-hazard dangers.

 Our objective is to:
  • quietly,
  • safely
  • and discreetly restore the your property to its pre-biohazard condition without unwanted attention or publicity.

Waste is properly packaged, transported and disposed of at an approved bio-hazard site consistent with OSHA and the Maryland/DC/N.VA Department of Health & Mental Hygiene standards. Protocols are available upon request. Put your mind at ease...We will clean, disinfect, deodorize and protect the restored area so you can move on with daily activities.

Eco Interior Maintenance services all kinds of biohazard insurance claims. We will make every effort to guide you through the insurance claim process to reduce any unnecessary stress and concerns.

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